Company Profile

"BAZALTSTONE", is a natural stone trademark founded by DEVTAŞ Madencilik and LAZOLİNİ Madencilik. It has the 15 years of DEVTAŞ Madencilik's experience although it was founded in 2018. 

As BAZALTSTONE, our priority is to supply the highest quality of work requested by our customers at the required timeframe. To be able preeminently represent Turkey's natural stone sector in international market is one of our company's goals. 

Block of basalt, diabase and andesite quarried our company's 4 stone pits are processed in our own facilities which have the capacity of producing 400.000 m2 annually. We continue to serve you the highest quality products with our expert staff and customer satisfaction principle.

Mimar Sinan Org. San. Böl. 16. Cd. No: 18/Z Melikgazi / Kayseri
Phone : +90 352 503 88 77
Fax : +90 352 503 88 76
E-mail :